The Hawk Chronicles

In 2015, I began writing the serialized drama The Hawk Chronicles for the sole purpose of giving its lead actress, Kirsten Strohmer, a vocal portfolio for her voice over startup business. We both had worked at MTS Broadcasting in Cambridge, Md. I had been there 27 years and she had been there at least 6. I left as the news director, and she left as head of the sales department. Her voice was so smooth and resonate that most clients wanted her to voice the commercials.

Initially, we had intended to make the episodes only 12 minutes each, and had no plans to air them. Then, after 16 episodes, our former boss heard one and said it would be perfect to introduce a segment on their AM station entitled: “When Radio Was”. He didn’t care about the length, since it would be a filler leading up to the show.

I also own and operate The TARDIS Photo Booth and we do many Comic Cons. A reporter for an internet TV program did a story on our booth and saw the literature on our show. He was also a producer for a new radio station in Arlington Va., WERA-LP. They picked up the show after we had produced 42 episodes, but they wanted each episode to be 26 minutes long in two parts. To meet these criteria, we split the show into two segments. Segment one was “How to write and Produce a Radio Drama” We did interviews with actors, producers, scientists, virtually everyone involved in such a project.

From episode 42 onward, I made the episodes twice as long and the interview segments much shorter. We utilize all amateur actors from all over. We have five from Sweden, one from the Philippines, and also Texas, Oklahoma, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia and Maryland.

The story follows Baltimore Detective Kate Hawk, who works for the Special Investigation Section (S.I.S.) Upon investigating the appearance of a strange object on the roof of a Baltimore small grocery store, she recognizes it as a monument from her hometown of Cambridge, Md. Eventually she learns that it is a portal device linking dimensions together, called a STIP, or Space Time Interstellar Portal. She can’t tell anyone, especially her partner, Jim Barnes, because she’d be classified psycho and lose her job. Eventually Jim joins her and she learns that there are others from a parallel earth here to keep tabs on us. The adventures eventually go into deep space.

The show is what is called “Hard Science” fiction. This means that everything that happens in the show is either proven science or accepted as theoretically possible. Great attention is given to detail and an actual theoretical physicist validates all my episodes.

The Hawk Chronicles was included in the 10 best podcasts by Baltimore Magazine, which also did this article.

We also received 8 Audio Verse nominations. The show’s star, Kirsten Strohmer was also in the nominations for the Geekie Awards.

A reporter, who then worked for WBOC-TV in Salisbury, MD did a story on us that can be heard here.

He loved the show so much that he became a character, using a pseudonym and a disguised voice. He now works in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Sci-fi Imaginarium, a well respected science fiction podcast, chose us as their very first podcast. This aired in Oct. 2015.





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