Lake Clarity

Five teens head up to Camp Clarity to celebrate their last summer together, but little do they know they’re about to stumble onto dark secrets that surround the lake.
Lake Clarity finished up Season 1, April 23rd 2017. But on May 19th they released a Season 1 Supercut!

Now you can listen to the full, and uninterrupted adventure of Seth, Ally, Mike, Erin, and Brandon! From introductions, exploration, and crowbars to old secrets, concrete structures, and missing people, join the kids as they celebrate their last summer together, and discover the mysteries of Lake Clarity. 

Lake Clarity is a proud member of the FateCrafters Network. Don’t forget to check out other amazing shows at

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Wanna know more about the Lake Clarity area? Find us on the social media links below! All of our music is created by Its Teeth! If you like good music, check out his website, or find him on Spotify or Bandcamp!

The Lake Clarity crew is working diligently to Kickstart Season 2. Maybe you can give them a hand-up in this endeavor.

You’ll also find a special minisode on Lake Clarity’s feed of Podteen interviewing Erin (voiced by actor Vin Earnst).

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