NEW from Dayn Leonardson’s Koach Studios’ Audio Adventures comes: Ancestry

Welcome to the world of Audio Drama! Grab your headphones, sit back, and go to a far away land. Ancestry: Book One is the first installment of Koach Studios’ new fantasy, audio adventure. Featuring over 2 hours of immersive audio drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat! There is currently the one episode out (Book One), but I imagine the series will leave you wanting more at each drop.


Written and Directed by Dayn Leonardson

Script edited by Scott Phillips

Original Music and Sound Design by Dayn Leonardson


Boyd Barrett as Mikhal
Chris Jarvis as Clerk
Dani Martineck as Tarach
Drew Profit as Lucian
Eline Hoskens as Nari
Justin Fife as Gadeon
Karim Kronfli as Ogsim
Lauren Thompson as Tinarah and Saphira
Lindsey Leonardson as Paldira
Maxximillian Dafoe as Ophani
Mike Janson as the Dark Vireni
Nick Winokur as Laer
Owen McCuen as Borgin and the Creature
Robert Cudmore as Neph
Sarah Golding as Alia
Sara Taylor as the Light Vireni
Tanja Milojevic as Haliel
Zoe Embler as Lyvian
and Dayn Leonardson as Adimus








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