The Byron Chronicles

The Byron Chronicles originally started as a Darker Projects episode in the anthology “Night Terrors”. It was originally Night Terrors Episode 006: Byron’s Tale. Byron’s Tale has since been renamed to The Byron Chronicles Episode 00. The actor that originally played Byron was Tom Davis.

The synopsis for Byron’s Tale from Night Terrors:

Night Terrors – Episode 006:  Byron’s Tale

The time is the present, the place Portland Oregon, USA. Meet Byron. He’s been around for a very very long time, and he’s about to meet a remarkable young woman…hmmmm…That always seems to lead to trouble.

Written by Eric Busby

Featured in the cast:

Tom Davis as Byron
Ben Harmer as Morg
Karl Puder as Logan
Laura Post as Gabriel
Josh W. Spencer as Sam
Kara Dennison as Lilith
and Mark Bruzee as your host, Harbinger

The series was produced and directed by Mark Bruzee
Co-production and post-production by Chris Snyder

The executive producer of Darker Projects is Eric Busby.

The Byron Chronicles is now at: Eric Busby Presents

Now that the Byron Chronicles live at Eric Busby Presents, episode 00 has now been named The Pilot Episode, give it a listen if you’ve never heard it. It is quite good, though when you’re used to David Ault as the voice of Byron it’s a little hard to get used to – but well worth it.

Speaking of David Ault, this was David’s first voice acting gig. Funny thing, he had sent an audition sample for a bit part in a Star Trek fanfic, but once Eric Busby heard David’s voice and acting he knew he had to do something. Eric had always wanted to create Byron into a series, all of a sudden he stumbled onto an actor that was perfect (can you imagine The Byron Chronicles without the warm, inviting tones of David Ault?). Thus the Byron Chronicles was born.

The Byron Chronicles was envisioned by Eric in 1995, and boy are we happy he decided to make Byron into the serial it became. And so were so many other people as the Byron Chronicles went on to receive 2 nominations and become a finalist in the AudioVerse Awards in 2015! As well as made it to the showcase of the AudioVerse Awards in 2014!


Even though The Byron Chronicles has come to an end, periodically we get to find a goodie in our feed for The Byron Chronicles, A Year in the Life or a Halloween or Christmas special. So whatever you do, do not get rid of that feed! You never know when Eric is going to drop a goodie our way.


From Eric’s website discussing the conclusion of The Byron Chronicles:

On release of the final episode of The Byron Chronicles:

I original came up with the idea for Byron back in 1995. 20 years ago. And now after several years, the story has reached it conclusion. This is the final tale of the Paleman.

My thanks go out to everyone. But most importantly David Ault who played Byron all these years. Tom Davis who played the original Byron and supported my ideas and the website. And Mindy Rast-Keenan who took my final monologue of the series and really put a far better take on it than I wrote and made it truly magical.

To Midnight Syndicate, Shadow’s Symphony and Kevin Macleod for the use of their musical scores in the making of this.

As well as everyone who ever help me in the making of this series. Without you, it would never have come to be. I’m quite proud of this series and what we have created together.

– Eric Busby



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