Firefly Fan-Fic -Old Wounds-

The production company Sonic Cinema is proud and very excited to bring you the first Firefly fan audio to hit the ‘Verse. It’s the season two that never was.

To my knowledge this is the only actual fan-fic, audiodrama in existence. It might take a little bit if you’re a big Firefly fan, to get past the differences in the voices. I listened through it twice so I could get used to the different character voices. It’s well worth the time invested if you’re a lover of Firefly!

There are 6 episodes of this classic. They do not have any current information other than a RSS feed. But this was originally made by the same makers of The Sonic Society, mainly – Jack J Ward.


More Firefly audio (and audiodrama) goodies

Happy Listening!


    1. Oh Jack, you are wonderful. It’s apparently been a while since I listened to Old Wounds and I was thinking Wedding Day was on that same feed.

      I did grab the link to Wedding Day:

      I don’t want anyone to miss out on the full collection. I’m thinking Old Wounds should be brought back as a EVC serial…hmmmm… That really does sound like a smashing idea!

      I’ll add the link to Wedding Day to the original post this afternoon. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention!


      1. Thanks so much. Much appreciated! We put a lot of work into it. Unfortunately, all the actors but the guy who played Mal and I are gone their separate ways. If we were going to redo it we’d have to totally recast it. Who knows… maybe for the 20th anniversary 😉
        In the meantime, I have some other fan fiction I’m finishing off that might help scratch the itch!


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