Audiodrama, Enhanced Audiobook & Audiobook

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To explain the difference between audiodrama, audiobook and enhanced audiobook:

AUDIODRAMA: Audiotainment News’ main concentration. Audiodrama is light on narration due to it being relatively unnecessary. An audiodrama may have a narrator that fills in the gaps, but this is usually done by the characters themselves. 

Audiodrama has a cast of characters, usually voiced by several voice actors, or at least enhanced (usually digitally unless the voice actor themselves can create different/distinct voices) so it sounds like several voice actors – all having a unique voice.

Speaking of voice actors; the parts of each character are actually acted such as a part in a tv show or movie is – thus – it is a theater for your mind. 

Due to this, it also omits any reason for he said/she said before or after a character speaks since there are unique characters/voices this would be redundant. There are sound effects, music, and many times an underlying music bed. 

Audiodrama is definitely theater for your mind, it is the same as a tv show or movie without the visual effects. Your mind fills in the gaps for the visuals. 

Enhanced Audiobook: This is generally a single narrative, sometimes a few narrators. It is generally narrated, not usually acted out. There may be some or several sound effects, usually some music, possibly a music bed. 

It is necessary to add he said/she said before or after a character speaks since there are not definitive character voices. Enhanced Audiobooks can be a great bridge between Audiobooks and full blown Audiodrama. It kind of eases the listener in to the unique world of Audiodrama. 

Audiobook: An audiobook is a straight, unabridged read of a book. It is necessary to insert he said/she said before/after a character speaks. There is no acting involved, it is usually interestingly read with narrator(s) inflection – there can be one to several narrators but the audiobook is narrated, not acted. There is very little to no music and generally no sound effects.

I’m sure I’ve missed some nuances between the three mediums and some people feel there are even more mediums (such as augmented audiobooks). I’ve concentrated on these three forms and generally only distinguish between these three forms. 

Please feel free to leave your ideas of the differences and if you have other ideas for mediums please mention them in the comments section. 

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