The Princess Thieves; Episode 17

The Princess Thieves; Episode 17

Episode dropped January 5th 2017

Gwen and Viola, Robin and Oberon part ways.

The players for this episode were:

Princess Gwendoline performed by Theo Leigh
Viola performed by Laureta Sela
Mortimer and Scarlet performed by Sharon Shaw
Old Meg performed by Maureen Foley
Oberon performed by Matt Wardle
Robin and Coriolanus performed by Alex Shaw
Captain Baltus performed by Spencer Leeb
Watchman performed by Matt Ramsey

The Princess Thieves theme was Arrival by I, Sazonov of Shockwave-Sound

There is Romance, Mesmerise, Stormfront and Angevin composed by Kevin MacLeod of

Many soundscapes provided by Tabletop Audio and ASMR Rooms

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About The Princess Thieves

In an alternate version of Victorian London, the short, arrogant, firecasting race of Duart and the enormous, lumbering, green-skinned Akka have taken over and moved in with the humans. Sitting in Buckingham palace, the spoiled, selfish, final granddaughter of Queen Victoria awaits her royal wedding that will unite two realms, while outlaws creep in the shadows, plotting to rob from the rich and liberate the poor. A revolutionary new vision of English legends, from the creators of Secret Rooms, Tiger’s Eye and Arlington.

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