PleasureTown Ep312 – With Fists Raised

Welp… it’s the end of the season on PleasureTown

Episode 312, With Fists Raised dropped December 7th 2016

Well…shoot. Thanks for listening to our yarnin’, travelers. This last one has been a long meandering road, full of unexpected twists and turns and yet here we are standin’ at the end of it. It’s a wonderful thing, listeners, finishing a story. Almost as wonderful as starting a new one.

We may be finished up with this tale, but there’s always a new one to tell, if you know where to look. So keep a weathered eye on the horizon.

Thanks again for coming with us on this journey. But don’t get too cozy. I’ve a feelin’ we’ve got another one coming right around the bend.


PleasureTown is an audio drama on the WBEZ podcast network. The show explores the history of a turn-of-the-century Oklahoma town that set out to be an oasis for artists, outlaws and outcasts. Founders Claudius ‘Claude’ LeDue and Cyrus G. Hobbes envisioned a hedonistic utopia that allowed people to chase after their own happiness without judgement or shame. But, as is often the case, the pursuit of pleasure comes at a price.
We are brought the story from beyond the grave by the ghosts of the town members, led by the the ornery Claudius ‘Claude’ LeDue and the intellectual Cyrus G. Hobbes, the founding members of PleasureTown. We join them as they reflect back upon the fantastic events which ultimately led to the town’s demise.
The town’s history is crowdsourced, piece by piece, by the producers, collaborators and audience members. Each season takes place from the birth to the waning years of the town’s existence.
If you wish to contribute to PleasureTown, check out our Submit page or email us at Interested in seeing a list of all our collaborators? Ask and you shall receive.
PleasureTown is created and produced by Keith Ecker and Erin Kahoa, along with the assistance of WBEZ in Chicago.




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