The Dark Tome,  Episode 2,  Part 2:  The Bread We Eat in Dreams

The Dark Tome – Synopsis: What if there was a book that literally opened up doorways to other worlds?

Where would it lead, and could you handle what you found on the other side?

Cassie, a wayward teen, is about to find out. One day, after she wraps up community service at a local hospital, she stumbles out of the basement of a spooky bookshop and into a story set on a devil’s staircase in a remote Italian village.

Episode 2, Part 2; The Bread We Eat in Dreams

Episode 2, Part 1 can be found here (both links will take you directly to the audio of the show).

Episode dropped December 2nd 2016

The demon Agnes recounts how she was tried as a witch in the village she drew to herself in early colonial Maine. But, perhaps a trial by fire is but small pennies to a demon who has survived banishment from hell and was a fertility god at the dawn of civilization. It is all a matter of waiting.

The Dark Tome is produced by Fred Greenhalgh and Bill Dufris. Dialogue Editing by Grace Waldron. Sound Design by Matthew J Boudreau of Aural Stage Studios.

Cast members – Lilly Thorne, as Cassie, Tim Sample as Mr. Gussy, Tootie Van Reenan as the Narrator, Anna Gravel, Janice Gardner, and Marie Stewart Harmon as the Gossips, Christine Marshall as Lady Sazarin and Corey Gagne as Husband, Ian Carlsen as Pastor 1, Bill Duffy as Pastor 2, Erik Moody as Pastor 3 and Goodman Mather.

Theme ‘Febryar’ by Peter Van Riet:

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