Escape Velocity S03E05: Federal Run

Escape Velocity Series 3 Ep 5: Federal Run

Episode dropped November 20th 2016

Thane and crew track a clever and deadly smuggler across space, while Kurlek has fallen into the hands of Dallas – who reveals his obsession.



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About Elite: Escape Velocity:

“Escape Velocity is a full-cast audio science-fiction serial, written and produced by Christopher Jarvis and The Radio Theatre Workshop, based on the video game Elite: Dangerous.

Join the mysterious Commander Thane as he is thrown across the universe on an unexpected adventure, fighting to stay alive amid the plotting of desperate, greedy and dangerous factions.

The episodes are streamed live at 9pm BST on Lave Radio. There is also a private chatroom and Q&A with the creators for Patreon supporters during and after each stream.

“I devoured both seasons and was extremely glad to see there was a third season in the works. I can’t wait!””

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