The Pancake Family – Sir Ayme 

Sir Ayme’s episode dropped on YouTube, November 19th 2016

I can assure you that after meeting the Pancake Family, you won’t be hungry.


Today’s terrifying horror story / creepypasta / nosleep story was written by AAPeterson and can be found here:

You can visit his website at .

This story will also be released as part of the ebook “The Family of Fang and Claw”


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Music used in this video by Kevin MacLeod from
And Abysmii from
Outro music by Patchwork_Syndicate:


Welcome to my humble estate. I have a certain knack for scary stories, especially creepypasta and nosleep, and I store them in my library. Perhaps you would like to listen to some of them?


Sir Ayme does not own the rights to any of these read stories. If you are the creator of the narrated story, feel free to send me a message with a request to take it down.

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