Is Anyone There?

Death Rattle – Episode 30

Episode dropped November 6th 2016

Survivors! It’s finally happened! After months of requesting we’ve finally received our very first death rattle! Come celebrate this momentous occasion with us at Is Anyone There?!

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Or call in and give us an update on your situation in the zombie apocalypse! We’ll kick off a show with it! Phone: (234)3UN-DEAD (234-386-3323)

Also send us your YouTube links so we can add them to the IAT Survival Videos playlist!

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Cast Alex – Alex Diskin Zach – Zach Brockway Zombie Steve – Rob Walicki Robot Steve – Opening and Closing Song “The Dead Are Coming For Me” – Alex Diskin Alex-diskin – The-dead-are-coming Album Art – Alex Diskin Sound Editing – Alex Diskin ——————————Credit—————————— Zombie moans: Zombie sound effects – zombie group roaming 2 Piano Music: Kimiko Ishizaka – Aria All other sound effects used for the show can be found here…wnloaded_sounds/


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