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Adventure Alley Productions

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How it all got Started

You all might be wondering how this ever got started? It’s a long/short story, depending on who tells it, and with me being a writer, this might be rather long!

Caleb Thiessen was the first ever to come up with any type of audio stories. At first, he just made recordings on a cassette player of Tintin and then put them on the computer and put it together and everything. (Some of the parts in the Crazy Actors are from the cassettes) That was about…ohhhh….6 or 7 years ago. I started recording for him soon, but that never really went far. Then he started writing some of his own stories and uploaded them so listeners could download them. He soon started blogging and CTD Productions was born….officially.

He kept writing and I kept recording for him, and then one time in 2008, he asked if I could make a story for June 14th, cause he didn’t have one for that date. I thought and thought, and then I came up with Police Pursuit.

We decided it better if I had my own site to post my stories, so the Adventure Alley Productions blog was born. I then started writing my own stories regularly, and more and more stories came to be.

So that is how I became to be what I am now. Both Caleb and I write our own stories or poems, and sometimes we adapt books and short stories into audio. Please feel free to look around and email usany questions or comments you have.

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