A Beautiful Podcast

The Sunday Service Presents: A Beautiful Podcast

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A Beautiful Podcast is a grandiose audio phonic journey into the hilarious and absurd microcosm of the The Sunday Service. (Craig Anderson, Ryan Beil, Emmett Hall, Caitlin Howden, Kevin Lee, Aaron Read and Tasman VanRassel)

Once a month, an impressively produced blend of written and improvised sketches take the listener into a bizarre pastiche of radio plays, genre lampoons, live performances and musical escapades ranging from the mundane to the epic.

Not only that, but with each 30-40 minute episode, you can expect special guest appearances form a myriad of improvisors, comedians and musicians doing what they do best: Be on A Beautiful Podcast!

Such guests as Paul F. Tompkins (Pod F. Tompkast),  Mark Meer (Mass Effect), Amber Nash (Archer), Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat), Pat Kelly (This is That), Mark Chavez (Pajama Men), Dave Shumka & Graham Clark (Stop Podcasting Yourself),Andy Bush & Evany Rosen & Kyle Dooley (PicnicFace) and many, many more have graced the Podcast’s microphones.
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