2109 Black Sun Rising

2109 Black Sun Rising

BrokenSea Audio Productions presents: “2109: BlackSun Rising – BSR”. An original Science Fiction Audio Drama….

Mixed, Written and Produced by Bill Hollweg.

In the year 2091 the ASIMOV-1 Deep Space Probe was launched.

As chronicled in the 2109: Black Sun Rising Prequel Logs AD

But due to technical problems as well as problems of an unknown extraterrestrial nature, it never made it past the halfway point on man’s first deep space mission to Alpha Centauri; and barely made it back home.

The Captain of the Asimov-1, Dyllan Pike…..

Since then, technical problems resolved, two more ships have been built. The ASIMOV-2 and ASIMOV-3. In the year 2097 the ASIMOV-2 was launched and attempted the same four year trip to Alpha Centauri. The last reports from the communication pods sent back to Earth from various points along the journey have been positive, as the ASIMOV-2 traveled farther than man has ever been in the cosmos.

Yet for all these scientific advances, FIRST CONTACT has yet to occur…

Or has it?

But it has also been a long time since the last report…And after the events of the Asimov-1, the President of the U.S.A. is worried…

So worried in fact that the Asimov-3 is being readied for launch from the Nord-1 base on Pluto..

Even so, man still believes he is the master of all that he sets foot on.

THIS is about to CHANGE…

We now join the ASIMOV-2 mission just months away from being the first manned space mission to orbit another star.

The year… 2101 A.D.

The Commander of the Asimov-2 Spacew Probe, Captain Danni Byrd….

Dyllan Pike’s Fiance…

As for the hero of the Asimov-1 nightmare?

Dyllan Pike, Medal of Honor Recipient for his heroic actions on the Asimov-1, now occupies a desk job no one in their right mind wants as Mission Control Head on Pluto…

Where nothing ever happens…. Or does it?

Thank you for listening!!

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